Are there any forms you haven't tried but would like to?

There are - I haven't written anything in ottava rima for example or in rhyme royal and there's various kinds of rondels and roundels. I can do a Chaucerian roundel and I've done more than one but when I try other kinds of rondels and roundels it doesn't quite seem to work out so I've written those as exercises. I don't experiment as much as I ought to because if I'm seized by an idea for a poem then you know I tend to fall back on forms I'm familiar with and I know I can do and I should experiment more with form. I look at Kipling and I see how he invented his own forms - and I mean I occasionally do do that now - I occasionally...I realise I don't have to restrict myself to forms that have been used in the past; I can make up one that happens to suit me for that particular poem.


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