Can you compare your English poems with your Kurdish poems?

I do feel that maybe my Kurdish poems are more musical than my English poems, and I feel that even when I read them, I read them to an audience and feel that with Kurdish poems I can elaborate a bit more because there's music in them. But I guess different languages have different kinds of music and rhythm, and for me English is still a language I am exploring, it's still a language that I still haven't got the hang of completely. There are still times when I read a poem and I struggle finding the rhythm in it, whereas in Kurdish, whenever I read a poem, much more easily I can feel the music. So I guess that is true to a certain extent. But I guess you're developing, I think your poetry in each language, whatever language you write in, the style, the music, the rhythm, all of it is developing as you go on, and maybe I am discovering a different kind of music in English.


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