Can you read me one of your poems about school?

What's Behind the Green Curtain?


"No! No! No!" That's our Headmaster going on and on at morning assembly in the Hall. Bored, I stare at the green curtain hanging behind him on the wall.     ...behind that green curtain, is there a non-smoking dragon with a code dinnis doze, or a mini Mercurian with eyes on its toes?... "No Fighting! No Thumping! No Punching! No Clumping!" ...behind that green curtain, is there an ogre devouring an ox, or a fox in a box, in a box, in a box?... "No Kissing! No Clouting! No Kicking! No Shouting!" ...behind that green curtain, is there a monster with worms on its face or simply an empty and echoing space?... "No Running! No Dreaming! No Spitting! No Scream----!" Suddenly, a hand, a huge, hairy, horrible, horrendous hand appears, grabs our Headmaster and hauls him behind the green curtain. We gaze amazed, then realise he's gone, he's gone...for certain! He's gone! No fuss, no mess. We jump up, punch the air, and shout, "Yes!" "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" copyright © Wes Magee, used by permission of the author



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