Do you read your poems aloud when you are working on them?

Yes, I do - I do read my poems aloud when I am working on them, and in fact I need to do that in order to know how the poem is working or developing. Once I have a first draft, I have to listen to myself reading it to see how it sounds and to see whether I stumble over anything, and then I also like to read it to a friend, so they can also hear the sounds and they might be able to hear something that I don't catch. And I think that for me the sound and the meaning and the tone of the poem and also the subject, all that comes together organically. If the poem is working and if I'm at that level of concentration which results in the writing of a poem, everything just comes out more or less the way I want it, if it's really working, and I do get unexpected rhythms and sounds that I hadn't thought about before, and sometimes of course I have to polish it up, but the raw material is there for me already.


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