Do you write with a particular reader in mind?

In one sense I do write for a particular audience, which is what I guess most writers do, I write for myself. I like the possibility of an idea and I pursue it and try to finish it. And generally then other people will decide whether this is a piece of work which entertains babies or twelve-year-olds. You can have a book that can be enjoyed by all sorts of children. In a way it could be that you have a book that's a bit like an onion: initially the baby might enjoy the book but when the baby becomes three or four he or she could enjoy the book all over again in a different way because there are other things in the book. The book still might be enjoyable when the baby has grown into a child, a ten-year-old. Adults too can find things in picture books that appear to be for the little child but can contain things for the parents, luckily because the parents may have to read the book to the child thirty times in a fortnight and be sick of it.


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