How do you write your poems?

I work with pencil or pen and paper and I usually jot down the idea as soon as it comes and in whatever form it comes in and I write as fast as I can when the idea is fresh in my mind so that I don’t lose anything. The second stage is where I decide what the poem is going to look like on the page. Sometimes the poem dictates that to me, so sometimes when I'm writing I think I'll write this poem as a villanelle and the poem refuses to be written until I change it into something else. The same goes for the language I use. Sometimes I start writing in Jamaican patois and the poem will not be written until I change it to English and vice-versa though that's usually the second stage when I'm refining it. I do that over and over until I get it right, so sometimes some poems take two or three drafts, sometimes they take ten, twenty and so on.


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