How does a poem begin for you?

If I knew where poems came from I'd probably go and get more of them than I have already! "I'm just not sure" is the answer to that - I suppose sometimes there's an idea that I'm passionate about: it might be a political idea and I feel as if I want to write about it, or language might come along and I might overhear something and I want to take that language on, take it further, but I think probably at the base of it is some kind of urge, you know, there is an urge to write, to create something, to express yourself. I think that's probably at the very pit of it for me because I have had occasions when I've felt the urge to write with nothing to write about, when I've sort of gone out and got the poem, I've gone looking for it, because I've been in that mood, so . . . there's a mystery element to it and maybe on top of that mystery element for me, and perhaps to do with my background, I don't know, there's some sense of having to get on with something and not just sit around and do nothing. I've always been somebody who's worked or had a proper job, and I suppose I've always felt that once I've declared myself a poet, I should be getting on with it.


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