How does science influence your poetry?

My starting point for poetry, for writing poems, is that there is nothing that is not fit material for poetry - that the poet's imagination can stretch as far as the universe itself - which inevitably takes in things to do with science. I would never say, though, that I write about science - I suspect what interests me is the language that scientists use, the language of science itself which is rather wonderful, particularly nowadays when new vocabularies have to be invented for new concepts and new matter that's invented all the time. I'm interested too in something that's necessary in science and that is its fallibility, because in order for new discoveries to be made, earlier hypotheses have to be at least changed or even overturned completely and I admire that kind of fallibility - I think it's human, it's interesting, it's intrinsic to us all and maybe intrinsic to our relationship with language itself. Humans are fallible, language is fallible - it's always reaching for something that isn't there and there's a kind of beauty, a nobility in that effort.


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