From time to time, people contact us to ask for permission to use one of the recordings in the Archive in another context - as part of a radio programme, for example, or in a new book.

Bear in mind that the Archive does not control any literary copyrights. Before you ask us for permission to use any of our recordings, therefore, you will need to have secured the appropriate literary permission from the rights holders, whose details appear on every poem page in the Archive. And recordings in the Archive that were not made by us are also owned by others, whose permission will be needed before you can re-use them. You should expect to have to pay for all such permissions.

Please try to allow sufficient time to go through this process. We will try to help you if you email us to say you want permission to re-use one of the Archive's recordings in another context that same day but immediate help can't always be guaranteed.

The Archive's rights manager, Connie Robertson, will be glad to try to help you through this process. Please write to her at