Is there a relationship between your speaking voice and your writing voice?

I think there probably is a relationship between my spoken voice and my written voice - and I say that mainly because when I'm writing, especially when I'm drafting, I always read my poems out loud. And although I tend to write in free verse I do a lot of the metre, a lot of the rhythm, on the ear. You know, that said, I've always written my poems to be read by someone else - that is the ideal place I would like them to be read, quietly off the page. I think, sort of, on a slightly broader canvas there's an interesting relationship with me and writing in that when I was growing up I always had a slight stammer that was sometimes quite bad. And I think that probably did play a part in leading me into writing - it was very satisfying being able to put exactly what I wanted on the page, especially in such a condensed and exact form as poetry, if sometimes I wasn't able to verbalise that out loud.


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