What do you do to make your writing go well?

Probably the thing that helps the writer most is having some space in your life, not being too busy in a funny way. And giving yourself...because I think you need those fallow times just as much as you need the crops and you sometimes can feel very despondent and disheartened if you're not actually writing but in order to write you need to really create enough space around yourself to give your head enough time to get to the writing and that doesn't happen just like that and because we're all so busy and we're rushing around - that's the thing that I need to have more of really. That's one thing and then landscape is another: I really like being out in the country in certain kinds of landscape - I was talking about, I love sort of empty barren Moorish landscape because they also seem to give you visually a certain amount of space. And then I suppose it helps to have a physical sort of space like a room or a study; I've had a study for a few years now. I really like having a separate room; I used to have like my bedroom and I'd get out of bed and there was my desk and that was no good, so I think it's really good to have a separate space that you can actually write in and have your own desk and for that not to get too cluttered with everything else, with the rest of life It helps to have a pattern if you can have a pattern where you write at certain times of the day every day and do it as often as you possibly can as long as you're not rushing away to do a reading or something, it helps to have a regular pattern. Even if you're sitting down and you're not producing much in that particular period of time, there's the expectation that you might, so it's quite good to see it as a date that you're keeping with yourself, to turn up for yourself. You wouldn't make an arrangement to meet a pal and just not turn up, so I think if you see it in that way it may make you get down to it because we always, I mean most writers I know, we have a million different excuses and things, we'll do just about anything rather than write - hoovering, washing dishes, but I've come to see that kind of thing as perhaps preparation that creates the space in your head. And the other thing that you may need as a writer is not to give yourself too hard a time about a thing, to accept that you write what you write, when you write it. There's always going to be a bench mark that you have and you're never going to reach that, that's all part of being a writer, you're always going to want to do more and just got to accept that comes with the territory.


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