What kind of poems do you write?

I write all sorts of poems. Formal poems, silly poems, serious poems, sonnets, roundels, haikus, cinquains, poems about love, poems about falling out of love, poems about hate, about families, about families breaking up, about bullying, all sorts of things. What I particularly like to do is to write poems that will perform well when I'm working with an audience. Poetry was always performed and this is one of my favourites inspired by a poem called 'The Night Train' by W. H. Auden and here's a bit of it.

Begun with a word
spun from the heart to
click the pen and make it start.
Out pours ink to the alphabet sea
my words are whales now racing free
my words are done so wrap them tight
in an envelope of night.
Stamp a head on its face
dressed with address then slotted in place
till along comes a burglar with sack and key
to steal the words to you from me.
Sack to van, van to train
words like rain etc. . .


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