What is MyArchive?

Registering for MyArchive allows you to:

  • Save lists of your favourite poems and poets from the Poetry Archive
  • Share these with friends, family, colleagues or students
  • Manage and edit your lists – create one for every mood or for a special occasion
  • Save links to other favourite websites

As you explore the Poetry Archive, you’ll find poems and poets that you especially like. To make saving and sharing your favourites easier, you can create your own list and save it in My Archive. Just click the ‘Add to My Archive’ button you’ll find next to each poet or poem.

Lists can be used in many ways – to remind you about poems you’ve enjoyed on previous visits to the Archive, to build a personal anthology or to share your favourite poems with friends. Teachers can also use these lists to compile classroom lesson plans. If at any point you’re unsure about how these lists work, please read our Help section for more information on how to create, edit and share a My Archive list.

Once you've created a list, you can also add links to other websites using the ‘Add external link’ button.