What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

I think part of the project of my poetry is to try and find a written way of demonstrating my voice. I think when I started writing I noticed that the poems that people seemed to appreciate or wanted to publish in magazines were the ones that had the closest relationship to my speaking voice - you know, they might have contained some element of colloquial language or vernacular language, and I guess I've tried to develop that. I mean it is impossible to write as we speak, and if we did that the poems would just look dumb or crazy or very obscure, but I think it's about working out a plausible version in print culture, of what is likely to come out of your mouth, and, you know, that's something I've been really keen to develop over the years. And in fact I've started writing some dialect poems: you know, dialect poems are things that are usually frowned on and make you local and insignificant and it's been very interesting for me, as somebody from this part of the world, to try and find a way of representing some of the noises that people make round here, because they, you know, in the phonetic alphabet they don't really exist.


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