Where do you get your ideas from?

Many of the poems I've written about school life were from things I saw and heard in schools, things that children told me or things that I remembered when I was a child in school. But it's also true that things just pop into your head or that you make things up that never happened, they can be part of poems and verses as well. Finally I would say that in a way I don't actually want to know where I get my ideas from. It worries me sometimes that I'd be a bit like a man who's got a watch and he says, "I wonder how this watch works?" and he takes it to bits, puts all the bits on the table, has a good look and then tries to put them back together again and can't, so he can no longer tell the time, and I think if I analyse too closely what I do I may not be able to do it, so I just get on with it by instinct and see what happens.


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