Where do you write?

Everywhere, and nowhere. Good places are in trains and on the top of buses; as far as home is concerned, I actually get down to writing a proper version in the kitchen as a rule. What I like is the fact that the place is not bothered by expectations; I don't have to feel that anybody thinks I'm going to be writing something important. I'd like to be like Jane Austen, scribbling away and then putting it under the blotter when somebody comes into the room. The really basic thing as far as I'm concerned is the pens. I have three pens; I keep them in my left hand pocket, and they're always there because if I haven't got a pen I'm really lost: I don't remember my brilliant insights! And the other useful thing which I recommend to people who write is when you're stuck, go upstairs or, if you've got a hill handy go up a hill. The actual motion of going up a hill or going upstairs seems to dislodge whatever it is that's got in the way.


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