Why do you use unusual sounding words in some poems?

I use the Caribbean Creole language, which is the local language because it has a special kind of feeling for me and I want to express the experience of childhood using the language that was most used and spoken around me and in my own home. It is called the Caribbean Creole language because it is so close to English and it uses a mixture of West African language and Standard English so it is what we have moulded together as Caribbean and Jamaican Creole. So here is 'Bush Accident Message' which comes from my book Playing a Dazzler.

Bush Accident Message Mummah Mummah and Buddy and Sis Dear-Dear break her leg her clean clean young-girl leg up at Highrock Pass After she didn get far her load go fall on her O she drop down biff; pop her leg like a stick Like a somtn a load-up donkey mash and flesh and bone pop-up with the mash Dear-Dear break her leg Lord her clean clean young-girl leg And they bringin her droopy O bringin her droopy on Mister Mack donkey from Playing a Dazzler (Hamish Hamilton, 1996) copyright © James Berry 1996, used by permission of the author and the publisher.


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