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I used to be quite confident I knew what a Goose Fish was, I mean I could identify what I am calling a Goose Fish if we were to walk on the shore and find one. But I realised that my verbal notion of its identity comes from some old gent' who when walking along the shore, I said "What's that?" and he said "That's a Sculpin, but the fishermen call it a Goose Fish." It's a very horrifying creature; mostly head, and of the head, mostly mouth, with a great shovel-full of teeth sticking out the lower jaw. Then, ten years later it occurred to me to look up Sculpin, and there was a picture in the dictionary nothing like this fish at all, and no guarantee that fishermen call it a Goose Fish, either, or that the old gentleman ever existed either for that matter. Anyhow, if it wasn't called a Goose Fish before, it is now.

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