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Here is one of my prize catches. I used to be a very keen angler for pike, and I still am when I get the chance. I did most of my early fishing in a quite small lake, really a large pond. This pond went down to a great depth in one place. Sometimes on hot days we would see something like a railway sleeper lying near the surface, and there certainly were huge pike in that pond - I suppose they're even bigger by now. Recently I felt like doing some pike fishing but in circumstances where there was no chance of it and over the days as I remembered the extreme pleasures of that sport, bits of the following poem began to arrive. By looking at the place in my memory very hard and very carefully, and by using the words that grew naturally out of the pictures and feelings, I captured not just a pike, I captured the whole pond including the monsters I never even hooked. Here is the poem which I call 'Pike':

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