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Organise a poetry reading

If you love contemporary poetry, it may occur to you to share this passion with others by organising a poetry reading in your town. Or it may be that you're a literature or arts worker with a remit to stage 'live literature'.

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Poetry, Creativity, Mulimodality

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Other poetry resources

Poetry Society (Education) Poetryclass Apples & Snakes Poetry Book Society (Schools) Arvon Foundation (Schools) Poetry Zone Moving Words Poetry 180 Poetry Live Ty Newydd Glossary of poetic terms The Writing Room Tower Poetry Black Cat Poems The Discovering Poetry Project Poetry Station BBC Le

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How to get the best out of the Archive

Whether you have heard poets read live or on the radio, or whether you've never heard a poet read, these tips are meant as a starting point to help you find your own way to enjoy what the Archive has to offer.

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Poetry moments

Teaching techniques One of the great things about poetry is that it comes in bite-sized pieces which can easily find a place in the busy school day.

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Invite a poet

Some of the poets in the Archive make visits to schools, to work with pupils and teachers. This can be as simple as a one-day visit to read poems and lead a writing workshop, or as ambitious as a long-term residency over a week, a term or even longer.

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Create a listening atmosphere

What about visuals?

When concentration levels are low and your class is restless, something visual - whether it's a photograph, a sketch, a diagram on the whiteboard - can help support learning.

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Term of the day

Increase your wordpower!


A poem written in five tercets, in which the first and last lines of the first stanza alternately appear as the last lines of the subsequent stanzas, with a final quatrain repeating both lines together as the last two lines. There are only two rhymes through the whole poem, the tercets rhymed aba and the quatrain abaa, and the lines usually in iambic pentameter.


Guided Tours

A tour of the Children's Archive with Rachel Smith

Visiting the Poetry Archive feels like browsing through your favourite bookshop and finding that all the books are...

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